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they escaped with cash from a bank robbery. one has surrendered to police and two others are still inside. we will continue to follow the story with more information. two tioo tired to go on. a shocking announcement from pope benedict xvi, he said that he no longer has the mental or physical exasperatity to go on. he will leave post at the end of the month. we have reaction from local cathol catholics. >> hi, we talked to a lot of people about the reaction and it's safe to say, there's a different reaction from older and younger catholics. regardless of whether or not they say the pope's resignation will have an impact on your
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faith, they are watching for a successor. at this morning's mass in san jose, the faith parade for the pope as they always had knowing that soon that means praying for someone different. >> we still have the faith and so we keep going. that's the main thing. >> i'm disappointed, because in my lifetime, every pope has followed the natural path. >> i cannot understand that the pope would retire. we never had that before. . >> it's said that he left an impression in his eight years. >> he was the teacher, as i said, about john paul, they came to see him. and benedict they came to hear him. he stepped aside when he felt he could no longer lead. >> i have no doubt that this was an issue of conscience for me.
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he was not going to play golf, i think he realized that in conscience, he had to perform pa is storal responsibilities. >> while some younger catholics say they want to see change from the next pope. >> the people that effect my faith life are people i interact with on a daily basis. i'm not going to rome and see the pope. >> none of us have seen the resignation of a pope. but people feel that as our lives are longer, this may not be the last resignation that we see. >> thank you. today's announcement spark as worldwide debate, who will be the next pope. peter turkson is a candidate and on the list, francis arinz event, a principal adviser to pope john paul ii, if selected
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either would be the first black pope in history and on the list of replacements, marc ouellet, the position of pope once reserved on italians is open to all. timothy dole of new york is considered one of the best american candidates for pope. we will have the reaction from across the nation and in rome. >> caltrans riders can expect delays of up to 30 minutes because of a wreck that happened this afternoon at 2:30. there were not reported injuries. right now, caltrans is single tracking through san bruno until the accident site is cleared. a federal investigation finds palo alto school district mishandl mishandled a child as complaints
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of bullying. >> the district is vowing to do more training and implement more training so it will not happen again. the investigation surrounds a special needs student that attended one of the three middle schools in the district in 2010. the stoontd and family km complained that the student was called stupid and slow and was teased and felt physically in danger. the office for civil rights decided that the school did not respond effectively the on notice that the student was a harassed by peers based on a disablity. >> maybe, 10% of the calls could be a bulliying nature. most people say, i will keep my child home, they are afraid to send the child in. they do not feel it's safe.
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>> palo alto superintendent kevin skelly issued had this statement saying we are profoundly sorry that a student was subject to bullying at our school, we take safety of our students seriously and work hard to provide the best school climate for students possible. they pledge to change policies and pledging to follow the guidelines of the office for civil rights. reporting live in palo alto. nbc bay area news. >> the family of a college student from the east bay received tragic news over the weekend. 20-year-old brandon wong was found dead outside of his dorm. another student called 911 late saturday night after finding him unresponsive. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. police are not suspecting foul play. he graduated from high school
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and was studying -- >> police are investigating a series of slashed tires. the damage was spreading as they were getting calls monday morning. it cost 10s of thousands of dollars in damage. the car owners had to call insurance companies and get the cars fixed. >> at first i thought i ran something over and then i looked at my neighbors and they were all flat too and then i came up this way and sadly everyone else was flat too. >> concord police say there's no motive and no suspect has been identified yet. >> it is still tense down in southern california, they have not caught him, but today, christopher dorner was charged with murdering a riverside police officer. riverside county said that the former cop is charged with the attempted murder of three more officers. the man hunt for dorner is massive. more than 600 tips have come in
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after the l.a.p.d. offered a $1 million reward for information that leads to his arrest. that offer was made over the weekend. the l.a.p.d. is stretched thin but there's no plans of reducing the size and scope of the search >> a new sporting goods for is selling guns on university avenue. the opponents think that a public hearing shove been held before approving permits for the store. the oern said he is receiving death threats at his home. tonight's meeting will talk about the permit process for gun sales. >> still ahead, he is behind one of the worst spills in the bay. why he wants to get back on the bay. >> little problems adding up to big troubles. the credit problem you can easily avoid. >> and a ground breaking
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decision for same sex couples in the military. >> good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri, a lot of sunshine on the monday, and still conditions in the atmosphere, air quality will suffer tomorrow. and and we will track a cold start for tuesday.
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the defense department announced today, it's te-- it's extending benefits to same sex partners. and it will give partners access to on base services. leon panetta stopped short of offering full benefits but gay rights groups say it's a step. >> what is the focus of the speech and who is on the guest
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list? the state of the union speech tomorrow will focus on getting jobs for the middle class. he will urge congress to prevent automatic spending cuts that are looming next month. mr. obama will discuss reducing the nation's benefits. and as for vips, the first lady will sit with the mother of a young girl that was gunned down. and tim cook, and a nasa employee known as mohawk guy, there he is. he gained the nickname with the launch of the mars rover, curiosity. you can watch the state of the union dress tomorrow at 5:45. >> the governor of texas is making big claims, he said that the conservative state has knocked california off the perch as the nation's business leader. governor rick perry made the comments to the mercury news, this week he has meetings in san francisco, silicone valley and los angeles.
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he is trying to lure businesses to the sunshine state by show casing their best qualities. in the interview of course perry reportedly took shots at governor jerry brown and said, austin is posed to be the next silicone valley. and jerry brown said it was a cheap gimmick. >> a man is suing the coast guard for his pilots license. he is blamed for causing the worst oil spill in the san francisco bay in the decade when he crashed into the bay bridge. he was at fault and his pilot's license was in the process of being revoked. instead, he retired. his credentials were valid to 2010. the coast guard refused the renewal and he is alleging his rights of due process was denied. b.a.r.t. is putting in place
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a new law to allow banning of riders that commit certain offenses. fighting, shooting, you'urinatin public, or dee facing the property are some of the offenses. the change will go in effect in may. >> a new federal trade commission study indicates that 40 million americans have errors on their credit reports. three companies dominate the credit reporting industry. they determine your credit score based on how you have paid your bills and how much debt you have. about 20% of the consumers identified errors in their reports. the errors can keep you from getting a loan, qualifying for lower interest rates and cost you a job. >> incorrect address, quite a few errors, incorrect claims against myself. incorrect birthday.
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>> the ftc found agencies modified disputed errors 90% of the time. experts recommend that you take advantage of free yearly credit checks and dispute any errors immediately. >> okay, happy new year, yesterday, chinese new year and today, baseball new year. the giants and as are reporting for duty in arizona. hello to mike murphy. pitchers and catchers do not officially report for spring training until tomorrow. some of the giants wanted to get a head start today. unpacking and settling in, making sure they have enough sun flower seeds. you know how it goes. the a's first work out is tomorrow. nbc bay area the proud broadcast home of the world series champs. >> i'm sure it's beautiful out there. but it's beautiful here. great weather and i hear it will get even warmer. is that true? >> yeah, that seven-day forecast is going to continue to warm up
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each and every day. we are finding dry conditions and it really was a nice way to start off the monday here. but here is the problem. some of the latest numbers are now coming in and this is now the driest ever on record for five different cities here across the bay area, napa, san francisco, concord, redwood city and santa cruz. the first column is how much rainfall we had. napa .37 of an inch, we should have 5.62 of an inch. and the same in santa cruz. so far, the dry estimate ever on record since those records started, well keeping track in 1849 with the national weather service. let's go to the current temperatures, we are dropping outside. plenty of upper 50s right now and a few low 60s in the north bay, let's look outside of the sky camera network and you see, clear skies in san jose right now, and what you will notice is
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that haze will be building up as we head throughout tuesday, wednesday, and and thursday with the air quality suffering and an incredible shot. this is the money shot tonight for emoryville, with the sunsetting, that is beautiful. if you happened to get away with shorts at work for today, we have good news. high pressure will not budget much as we go through tuesday and wednesday. it's pushing the storm track off to the north. that keeps a mild trend for most of the bay area. especially in the interior valleys. a slight off shore wind, keeping temperatures five to ten degrees above average. not beach weather. the temperatures will be in the 50s tomorrow and then we will have 60s inland and the only hitch in the forecast is that when we start off during the morning hours, temperatures will be down near the freezing markup in the north bay. 32 in santa rosa and flour in concord, and 36 in san jose. so, if you can get over the hump
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of the cold start, you will have a great tuesday. we will find temperatures jumping 30 plus degrees across the south bay. 64 in palo alto. and 60 in santa cruz and 65 in evergreen and back across the east bay, the freezing mark. pleasanton and 62 in alameda, san francisco, 63 and and close to 70 in santa rosa as we go through tuesday. as we look ahead toward the up coming weekend, never too early to look at saturday and sunday, we will find cloud cover increasing and unfortunately no rainfall in the forecast as we head throughout saturday and sunday. we need it, it's now the driest ever on record here. >> we need to do a rain drans.
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>> i guess i'm the one to do that. >> we will back you up. thank you. >> san francisco, taxpayers could end up footing the bill for the america's cup with six months before racing begins, efforts to bring in major donors have stalled. they have raised $14 million so far, that is less than half of what they need. clean up and transportation among other things will cost as much as $34 million. the trouble with fundraising has to do with low turn out. it was supposed to be a 12 team race. so far, only three teams confirmed. >> what is the next big thing at apple? stay with us.
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when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks.
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deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> in health matters the birth rate among americans is climbing. in 2011, americans had less babies than before. the birth rates declined between
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2010 and 2011. the annual summary of vital statistics found that there were 31 births per 1,000 teenage girls. a smartphone your wrist? it could be on the way. the new york times and "wall street journal" said they are working on a wearable with curved glass, taking the place of your phone and allowing you to communicate. it will have other functions but they will not talk about it. >> when we return how a local group came up big at last night's grammys.
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>> the biggest awards in music
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was handed out at the grammys and there was a variety of winners. >> that was fun to watch, pop group, "fun "takes the best new for "we are fun" and mumford and sons, they walk away with the album of the year. that makes two years in a row that a british musician has won the award after adele did it last year. >> there was a few of us out there, and the grammys have opened their arms to us and we are grateful. >> a local honor as well, the san francisco symphony won as well. >> i thought, this is a new tv,
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it's a black and white show. >> that guy is everywhere. >> he is coming back. >> yes, take a look at the live sky camera network, the sun is setting across the bay. beautiful shot to san francisco, cloud cover building up and haze, we will note over the next couple of nights and down here in san ma oh, san mateo, the drivers have the sunglasses on for the next 20 to 30 minutes. let's look at the seven-day forecast, we are looking at very cold temperatures to start off tomorrow morning, low 30s in the north bay and mid 30s in the east bay. rain in the seven-day forecast, but i think a lot of us here across the bay area will are take the sunshine. >> yes, we will enjoy it. >> the a's and giants talking about going to spring training in arizona, it's rainy and cold down there. >> oh, it is.
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>> wow. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00, nightly news is next. and a moving medal of honor ceremony.
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on our broadcast tonight, stepping down. the stunning news from the vatican, pope benedict announces he is resigning. the first to step aside in more than 700 years. as 1 billion catholics are left wondering why, what it means for the church, and who might replace him. the fugitive. the ex cop terrorizing southern california. families of 50 fellow officers are being protected around the clock. a reward now up to $1 million.
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the big digs, people snowed under and waiting for help. plus a direct hit from a tornado in the south. and a genuine american hero. the incredible story how he saved so many lives, fighting back tears today as he received this nation's highest award for military valor. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. it came out of nowhere. and it stunned the over 1 billion catholics around the world when the pope announced early this morning, our time, he is stepping down, abdicating. this hasn't happened in seven centuries. pope benedict has served during a troubling time for the catholic church. he says he doesn't have the strength to carry on. his departure now opens up the potential for a huge period of change for a church that's been faced with changing times around the world. we have two report s
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